Established in 1979 by Mr. Don Bourgeois and Mr. Gary Héreault, the company, then named Bourgeois & Héreault, started business in Chibougamau where the first underground mining subcontracts were awarded to them.  A few years later, in 1986, and following Mr. Héreault’s passing, the Company changed its name to Don Bourgeois et Fils.



In 1991, the Company Don Bourgeois et Fils, moved its head office to Val-d’Or to be better located in terms of customer service requirements.  As a result, the company is now located where the majority of Quebec mining contractors are found.  The Company continued to grow from there on. 



In 1998, brothers Michel and Guy purchased the company founded by their father.  The two brothers continued to widen the company’s interests by pursuing underground mining work. 



In October 2010,  EBC Inc and Norman Parker purchased Don Bourgeois et Fils, thereby enabling the company to offer highly specialized services to businesses operating strip mines.