Responsibilities to our employees :


At EBC Mines employees are our major resource. Therefore, the company is committed to promoting health and safety at work while adhering to all acts and regulations in effect and offering employees the training required for successfully completing their work in a safe and healthy environment. 



Responsibilities to the environment :


EBC Mines is committed to using all resources available in order to complete projects while adhering to environmental safety specifications which are considered a high priority.  On that basis, from the development of all our projects to the very completion of those projects, Bourgeois et Fils is committed to doing everything possible to reach its environmental objectives. 



Responsibilities to the community :


EBC Mines considers the adjoining communities as allies of prime importance.  With that in mind, special local partnership agreements and transactions with local suppliers are in place and hiring local and regional employees is a company priority.  



Responsibilities to our customers  :


EBC Mines provides careful attention to clients and works in close collaboration with them to ensure the eficient development and completion of all projects.  The company’s objective is simple: weaving closeknit, long-term relationships with their clients while giving the best the company has to offer.